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Miss Nansix

Musikgenre: PsyTrance, Full On

Miss Nansix was born in 1987 as Nancy S. in a small city called “Neustrelitz” at the beautiful “Mecklenburger Seenplatte” in the east of Germany. Neustreliz is located in the near of the GO A24 – Highway. In the 90s, at in the age of 3, she had her first contact with electronic Music, e. g. Eurodance, Techno and Trance, because many relatives around her listened to these sounds at this time.
She grew up in the pretty city “Lübeck”. When she turned 8 years old, she learned how to play keyboard as well as piano and she was actively taking part in a chorus and had instrumental courses at school. Now her future way into the music business was surely clear. At the age of 13 she had her first touch with psychedelic music. In her holidays in 2001, which she spent in Spain, she met a girl, who gave her a tape named GOA – from this moment on Miss Nansix was addicted to this sound. Recorded on this tape was the live-set from Infected Mushroom and Yahel from 2001 in Japan. She searched about 5 years for this music, because she always wanted to know what this is. „The Mix between classical and electronic Music for dance is perfect, goes under the skin and let me dream“ she said. 2 months later she was at a party in Waren (KKH Tanzpalast Waren) and met a guest there at the Techno Floor how worshiped from Goa-Scene and showed Miss Nansix many pictures and videos. Miss Nansix was very curious and went to her first indoor party at the “Rider’s Café” in Lübeck. This crazy colorful world was from the heart always her world. In the next years she went to many parties, events and festivals in Germany. In the beginning of 2014 she started mixing at first with a workstation from Pioneer and practiced about 3 months at home… At easter-sunday in 2014 she was at the tattoo convention in Hamburg and let her made spontaneously a tattoo with the clef – music is her life! The start for her career was born. After them she went with a girlfriend to an Open Air Party and they got an invitation for another, they went to them and Miss Nansix saw there wasn‘ t a DJ! She took her chance, went behind the decks and played with the unknown discs from the organizer. This was her first experience to play for audience. A friend made there a photo of her and her first DJane bookings came fast. Her style is about 140-145 bpm. She preferred to play her own lovely sound Psytrance, Psychedelic and Full On (melodic, poppy, playful and a little bit psychedelic). With her unique colorful style and her way to celebrate behind the decks with the audience is her recognitition very great. Since summer 2014 she plays with the Nexus 2000 Set of Pioneer. Her future dream is to play at the Antaris Festival in Germany and when she will have enough time and money for equipment she wants to produce her own sound and play as a live act. Miss Nansix lives since 2008 in Hamburg and will become more and more famous in and around this city for the psychedelic scene.

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